Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bath Festival May 16th 2009

Today was a big day in Bath and a total surprise for me and my friend as we drove up Hwy 264 to see the sights. We visited Bath, Lake Mattamuskeet, Gul Rock (home of the deer and bears), and a host of other little places scattered amongst the miles of highway... really good highway I might add. The best part was the lack of traffic. When you're used to young students with a few short years of driving experience, it's a real pleasure to find a lonely stretch of road.

As Julie and I came into Bath, we found that the Bath Festival had just begun and we spent the next few hours walking along Main and Craven. There's quite a few historical markers in that block, including one for Mr John Lawson, the quite famous Surveyor General who traveled the Carolina's, recording his travels for all of us to glimpse the past.

He just had to go and get himself tortured and killed by the Tuscarora. Well, he left a legend. Just like his neighbor there... Edward Teach. Speaking of Teach... he may have found it ironic that a Christian singer performed on the front porch of the man who claimed to "come straight from hell."

Bath is a really small, quaint community that seemed to come alive with the festival that included arts and crafts vendors and some good smellin' eats. The excellent view off the point gives you the impression of a great harbor for a pirate periauger or two.

After the festival, we were chased off by the rain. Continuing east on 264, we came across the road north to Lake Mattamuskeet... a very large inland wildlife refuge. It's also a really big lake!

From there, we were directed to a seven mile long road that ended at the Pamlico sound. I could've sworn it was the ocean if I didn't know better. This very remote location was the Gul Rock Wildlife Preserve. According to the genealogical information I have on the Mattamuskeet Indian Brooks, Stephen and Mary Farrow Brooks are buried here... somewhere! lol Maybe I'll find them next trip...

Still, it was a very pleasant day and we almost avoided the rain completely. Almost...

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