Monday, June 06, 2011

Lost Colony Research Group's Latest Adventures in the Dirt

This past April, the Lost Colony Research Group was involved with the University of Bristol (UK) in an archaeological dig on Hatteras and a general survey of the island for future work.  A lot of really great finds were made and our group's leader, Roberta Estes wrote a damned fine newsletter for May 2011 explaining in her own "front porch" style the entire week and a half.  An 18th century Hatteras dwelling was part of the dig, with wattle and daub construction and a possible slate roofing material, quarried in Swithland in the East Midlands.  This is just a possible origin of the slate roofing found in Hatteras.  A wealthy person indeed would have to have had this dwelling.  One possibility is that this home was the home of James Wahab, an early settler on Hatteras who purchased the land from Henry Gibbs in 1738 before Gibbs relocated to Hyde County across Pamlico Sound from Hatteras.  No doubt Wahab was well off.  Many early settlers made their living from the sea, coupled with the necessary farming needed to provide other necessities.  They found Hatteras useful in many of those pursuits. 

Anyway, Roberta tells this tale very well and you can find her newsletter here:

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