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Friday, November 11, 2016

Pirates have Always Won in America!

Queen Anne's Revenge by PirateoftheCaribbean on DeviantART
#Blackbeard was a #pirate, possibly a privateer, but first, he was a Stuart #conservative of strong #politics, a #veteran of Queen Anne's War, a Royal Navy man serving on the HMS Windsor. He was a gentleman of early #America, not unlike the #Kochs, the Rockefellers, #Rothschilds, and #Trump of today. He was wealthy and owned slaves. He commanded a fleet and might have been considered a founding father of capitalist America... had it won its first revolution, fought from 1715 to 1726. Still, he helped to found the America we live in today, an America ultimately swimming in these same pirates.

Pirates and their kin always seem to win in America. Why? It goes way back to the history of the West Indies, a culture of theft and xenophobia, elevation of landed wealth in a wilderness environment, the lack of administrative control in London, and ultimately to the transference of this ideology in the founding of Carolina by Barbadians. It goes back to the history of the resulting conservative and slave-owning South.

Quest for Blackbeard resulted from much soul-searching and discovery of the unknown and previously disregarded. It has been my hope for a realistic view of who and what we are as a nation... and for the betterment of that nation. As long as I have the freedom to speak my mind, I will... and attempt to spread this knowledge... even as we once again face the pirates of old!

"Baylus C. Brooks has put together a masterpiece about the history of the South... While researching the origins of Blackbeard, Brooks has delved deep into the politics, family connections, worldly influences, sources of slavery, the connection between the Caribbean Sea and Virginia and North Carolina, and much more ... I am learning much about my own ancestry and origins and how the South came to be ... I highly recommend this masterpiece to scholars, schools, history buffs, and curious folks ...excellent reading ... thank you, Mr. Baylus C. Brooks!" ~ Valerie Sumner

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