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Monday, April 08, 2019

The Fountain of Youth Exists!

Itchetucknee Springs
in Fort White, Florida stars as the 
Fountain of Youth in...

The epub version is available here

A brief synopsis:
The history of St. Augustine, Florida may be wrong. Native Americans from a North Florida tribe are said to have lived for centuries due to the inexplicable power of a mysterious source of water. Some say this is merely legend. Early explorers went in search of this “Fountain of Youth” only to come back disappointed. Still, the Fountain did indeed exist (at Itchtucknee Springs, Ft. White, Florida)!

Young Lt. Stephen Hathorne, shipwrecked in Spanish La Florida in 1808 will discover the secrets of this tribe if he can survive the trip. Indeed, he discovers that he and his own family are responsible for their very existence! Traveling through threads of time's sensitive fabric, Stephen and his new-found love will have to face many dangers: pirates, zealots, slavers, and a madman from the future before they can find peace in the past.

In this story, four time periods of the beautiful and exotic Floridian town of St. Augustine are explored. Although a sci-fi romance, lovers of history will be thrilled at the meticulous detail.

Incidentally, for North Florida fans of historical fiction, Itchetucknee Springs near Fort White stars as the legendary "Fountain of Youth"... with a real scientific explanation!

Watch the video above for all the detail!


 Fountain of Hope: Dimensions

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Epub version, too!

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Murder at Ocracoke!

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