Sunday, June 04, 2006

Well, here it is Sunday and lots of free time to create new worlds of fancy in my writing. And, I can't think of one damn thing! lol. Happens. Most people think that writers just sit down at the computer and splash away at their word processors whenever. I'd like to be that way, sure. The fact is you simply have to be in the mindset for it. As you've doubtless heard before, there must be inspiration. Does Walmart have any, I wonder? And is it on discount?

It occured to me that you may be interested in seeing my first book. Why? Because, I have nothing to do but capture past glory right now. So, bear with me. Ok, I've successfully loaded it. This is a great story. And not just because I wrote it. :) Everyone I've asked to be critical of it just says that it was a little hard to follow... that the story jumps around alot. I figure that's mostly due to the fact that the characters are dealing with several time periods. Incidentally, can you imagine how hard it is to maintain consistency on a time travel piece. Oy vay!

Another good part of this book is that its educational. It tells about early Florida and the people who lived here. We also get a glimpse into Charleston, Yorktown and Salem, too. It covers three different time periods in St. Augustine and one in its future, the late 21st century. But, the real cool side issue is the natives of Florida and how they feared the changes about to take place with the coming of the United States. You also get to see the object of Ponce de Leon's luckless searches for the Fountain of Youth. The mystery deepens with natives who are centuries old.

Can you tell I love to tell this story? Alright, that's all the time we have for bragging! lol. Back to work...

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