Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Detail is the key

Detail is so important. The more detail a writer includes, the more believable their story will be. That's not to say that detail is all you need. Elements of style and dialogue, plots, character development, etc. are also very important... in fact, essential.

Dan Brown is a writer whose novels include a great deal of detail. Reading these stories will help you refine this method. Now, Dan is adept at many different aspects of novel development, but detail stands out. After reading his novels, I was able to use detail more effectively in my own writing. Start with his first novel, Digital Fortress and see how it differs from subsequent novels. Whereas there's not much change (because Dan is good at his job), there's a subtle refinement as his novels progress. As there always is when someone spends the time and effort to research something as all-encompassing as a novel. He is growing as a writer.

Detail. I can't emphasize it enough!

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