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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Absent-minded Acting Professor?


I must apologize for the last post where it may seem that I stuttered. :) Maybe I should read the last post before making the new one.

You know, this is often a symptom of a disease that has plagued mankind for its whole existence... a disease that causes unstable equilibrium, random amnesia and generally obliterates the mind. I'm referring, of course to advancing age. Yes, I can feel its icy fingers upon me.

My wife often mentions a story to our friends and family that illustrates my sudden awareness of this vicious disease. I was leaving the house one morning as I usually do, getting into the car and driving to town... this particular day, I was going to get gas. Well, I arrived at the gas station, stepped out of my Chevy and proceeded to undo the gas cap. I pulled the hose off of the pump, put it into the gas inlet on the car, then continued with the payment phase. There, I stood before the pump, after preparing the car to receive the gas, after driving several miles into town only to stare blankly at the credit card slot, my hand feeling the left cheek of my backside where I usually keep my wallet. Only, there was no wallet. Everything was going off without a hitch right up until this moment. Then, cerebral brakes slammed on, my thoughts skidding erratically to a stop.


After putting back the hose without buying anything, after driving several miles without listening to the radio, after mumbling all the way into my driveway... I walked straight into my office and printed out a sheet that read: ABSENT-MINDED BUTTHEAD CHECKLIST. This list had only three items (items that I'm always forgetting). They were: keys, phone & WALLET. This list, I then attached with tape to the inside of the screen door where it would be in plain sight each day as I left the house.

Does it work? Yes. Well, except once when I locked myself out of the house. :)

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