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La Gazette Pirate References 1723-4

p. 94:

From London on 11 February 1723.

... Letters from the City of Yorck in Virginia state that the Weymouth English Warship had brought such a rich Forban [pirate] to Philadelphia that the share of the Captain & crew in this catch amounted to 100,000 pounds.

p. 129:

From London, 4 March 1723

... It is written from Jamaica that the Porckm commanded by Captain Child & another Vessel commanded by Captain Forn, were taken both within a few days of distance by a Forban [pirate] of thirty-two pieces of cannon; Corck's letters to Ireland dated 12th of last month indicate that Mr. Shute Governor of New England has arrived there a few days ago.

p. 187:

From Rome, March 13, 1723

... The Captain of an English Vessel newly arrived from the Isles of the Archipelago, reported that three Forbans [pirates] carrying unknown flags, had taken two merchant vessels there, and that they had massacred their crews.

p. 272:

From London on May 27, 1723.

... Le Roy [king] granted the title of Knight to Captain Ogle Commanding the Swallow warship, with which he took a few months ago three Forbans [pirates].

p. 334-335:

From London, July 1st, 1723

On the 29th of last month, the gilder Accerbury, above Evesque de Rochester, was taken from the Tower to the edge of the River, where he entered an Admiralty Ship which took him to the Vessel of War which was equipped for the drive to Ostendé. The daughter of this Prelate, Mr. Morisse his son-in-law & several servants embark on the same Vessel to make up with him in foreign countries. He was accompanied to the Vessel by the Duke of Warthon his friend, and by Colonel Williamson Deputy Governor of the Tower, followed by a few Guards. The sale of furniture and paintings of this Prelata amounted to four thousand six hundred thirty pounds sterling, & its Library was completed by several Lords. Sieur Kelly & Sieur Pluncket, who have sentenced her to a life sentence, will be driven shortly, the first to Chasteau de Hurst near Limington, & the other to Fort Sandown in the Isle of Wight, where they will each have twenty Schelings per week for their food. The 28 on the four o'clock in the afternoon, the fire started in a shop near the house of the Company of the Indies: it on completely consumed, as well as three sailing houses & some other shops, where there were a lot of goods belonging to Various interested in the Turkish Trade, and we estimate that the damage caused by this fire amounts to nearly one hundred and fifty thousand pounds sterling. The following night three or four other houses & several stables were burned the district of Saint Gilles, but this second accident did not cause such a considerable loss. Lord Southwell & Colonel Pitt fought last week in a Pépée & pistol duel: the first received a shot in the arm, & the second had only a slight bruise. Richard Newport Earl of Bradfort in the Province of Shropshire or Salop, Lieutenant de Roy of the same Province & Member of the Privy Council, died on the 25th in a very advanced age: the Viscount of Newport his son succeeded him in his titles & in his goods.

[separation added] We received notice that the Griffon Vessel commanded by Captain Taylor to have been taken by Forbans [pirates] while returning from Jamaïca, & that the Ester who had gone from Genes to Messina to have been seized by a Corsair from Tripoli, crazy gre text that 'he was not equipped with Paileports in good shape. The South Sea Company announced that its Transport Books would be closed on the 2nd of this month to work on fixing the dividend for the six months that have passed at Saint John. That of the East Indies must also incessantly link the expiration due to the same term. It is rumored that the Knight Jean Norris who led the Roy to Holland, will be made a peer of Great Britain.

[The whole page was included for the names (Humphrey? of Bank of England) Morisse and Plunket (Robert? of RAC fort in Sierra Leone, Africa) may both refer to pirates and their associates, victims, etc.]

p. 393-394:

From London on August 6, 1723.

On the 30th of last month, the Count of Cadogan received the general review of the three Guard Regiments who camp at Hydeparc, in the presence of the Lords Justiciers & several people of consideration. Five vessels are currently being built at Wolwich & Deptfort which will be sent to America to cruise against the Forbans. On the 3rd of this month we launched into the water in the last of these two Ports a warship of seventy-two pieces of cannon, & in the afternoon we repeated the experience that we had already had a maneuver with which one can enter whatever port this silk despite the wind & the opposite tide. The Duke of Grafton will leave for Dublin on the 9th, where he will assemble the Parliament of Ireland, and his crews have already taken the lead. On the 3rd, the Election of the Chevalier Williams was declared legitimate in place of Alderman for the district of Cripplegate.

p. 442:

From London there on September 1, 1723.

The Jamaican Fleet, which left on June 30, happily arrived in the Ports of this Kingdom, under the escort of the Adventure Warship. Several vessels from that of Turkey also entered the river with a very considerable charge. Captain Cornouaille commanding the Scherbourg who arrived in Plimouth with the Vessels of Jamaica, reported that the Commander of the Vessel la Cassandre, famous Forban [pirate], who asked the Roy [king] a few months ago to grant him his pardon, had gone to Porto-bello: that he had gone there to the Spaniards from this place on advantageous conditions, and that it was rumored there that he had on his board a very considerable part of rough diamonds & already more precious goods from India.

p. 528:

From Madrid, October 12, 1723.

... Dutch Galiote named Agathe who returned to Texel, was taken on the 15th by a Corsair Saltin four leagues from La Cosse, but Captain Hans-Rood who commanded it, had the happiness of fleeing in his Rowboat with his sailors. The letters of the Baye of all the Saints of June 10, last carry that one does not find any more Forbans [pirates] in the Seas of the Country nor of the coast of Rio-de-Janeiro, since the Fregates Guards-Costes crossed there. They add that there had arrived a Ship of the Indies with merchant buildings belonging to the Negocians of the City of Porto, & that they awaited the arrival of the convoy of Fernambuque in order to be able to go to this Kingdom with less risk: than the country was abundantly supplied with food and merchandise from England and the North; but it was not believed that the harvest of Sugar & Tobacco was very considerable because of the great drought.

p 617-618:

From London there on December 9, 1723.

... On the 4th, the Duchessè de Marlboroueh wife of the Comte de Godolphin gave birth. Captain Boyd, commanding the Elisabeth vessel, who recently arrived from Antigoa, reported that the storm of September 20 last, which we talked about some time ago, had killed more than thirty merchant ships around this Isle. The Merchants of this City have received notice that the Princess Ship commanded by Captain Wickstad has arrived in Barbados, after having been piled [pilfered] by the famous pirate Lowthez [Lowther] last September 14, & that the Rebeca commanded by Captain Webster & the Happy Return had been wrecked in the West Indies.

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